Blessed Generations Academy at Westwood in Coquitlam is opening in September 2021

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Who We Are

Blessed Generations Academy offers full-day child care programs. At our daycare, the program we offer is reflective of our mission statement and philosophy. Our daycare centers offer more than just “childcare”. We provide a rich, nurturing, and fun learning environment for your child’s spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional and physical growth.

Our Mission

Our Missions is to provide loving care and guidance for children based on the foundation of Christian principles

What We Do

We offer a curriculum that is nurturing, where our staff cater to each child’s unique gifts, abilities, and learning styles to create an environment that will promote the emotional, intellectual, social, and physical development of each child.

Our program is uniquely enhanced with Christian concepts and values. We hope to help children reach their fullest potential in:

Why We Do It

We believe that every child is a unique blessing from God and are honored to share His love with families. We consistently go above and beyond for our families and children because they are worth it. Our commitment to care for the children extends to supporting our families as well, since we believe we are an extension of their family and value the relationship and trust we build.

Best Child Care in Burnaby Award

Visit a Location

If you’ve read this far, there’s a good chance that you’re considering us to be your family’s child care provider! We would love to meet you in person and give you the opportunity to see our caring and passionate teachers at work, and the joy and laughter the children experience while in our daycare. Actions speak louder than words, and we welcome you to see what we are all about!