Mission Statement

Blessed Generations Academy welcomes and is inclusive of all families. We believe that every child is a unique blessing from God. Created in His image, every child has hidden potential, creativity, and expression that we hope to nurture into maturity. Our teachers are gifted with the opportunity to provide loving care and guidance based on a foundation of Christian values and principles.

Our Curriculum

Rich Environment

We provide a rich, nurturing, safe, and loving environment for your child’s spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth. The space within the school or the environment is considered the third teacher. Our educators carefully select more natural, open-ended materials and provide home-like, comfortable settings equipped with the necessary stimulation and challenges for children to explore and learn.

Enriched Learning

Our curriculum goes far beyond play-based teaching and is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, where daily schedules have a balance between individual, small and large group activities, child-directed and teacher-initiated activity, and inside as well as outside experiences. The curriculum is enhanced with Christian principles, values, songs, and stories.

We incorporate an Emergent Curriculum of teaching and learning that requires teachers to observe and listen to the children. Teachers plan activities, studies, and long-term projects in the classroom base on their observations. These projects are based on the strong conviction that learning by doing is of great importance and that to discuss in a group and to revisit ideas and experiences is the premier way of learning.

Strong Relationships

Our educators are genuinely interested in making close relationships with children and their families in our programs. They believe that learning can best occur when strong, trusting relationships are developed between all of the important people in the children’s lives, including their families, educators, and the community. We encourage ongoing communication between families and staff as part of an open and supportive relationship and commitment to work in partnership.

Core Values

Our Mission is to provide loving care and guidance for children based on the foundation of Christian Principles.


We create a safe environment for children that can promote their growth, learning, and self-development. This also extends to our staff members and families, who we aim to feel safe, accepted, and heard at all times.


We will choose every day to love each child as if they were our own. Our commitment to care for the children extends to supporting their families as well. We hope to become a second home and family to both the children and parents at our daycare centers.


We consistently go above and beyond for our families and children because they are worth it. Each day, we strive to become the best at what we do.

About the Founders

Helen Tran

Ms. Helen is the Co-Founder and the Director of Operations of Blessed Generations Academy. As an experienced Early Childhood Educator, she understands the need for quality childcare in our city and decided to start Blessed Generations Academy as part of solution for families. Being a working mom to three children, she knows how difficult it can be to work or go to school full-time while also having commitments at home. This desire to serve families and help parents is at the heart of every decision and practice done at BGA.


Victor Shalom Nguyen

Mr. Victor is the Co-Founder and also the Chief Planning/Marketing Officer at Blessed Generations Academy. Gifted as a jack of all trades, and with an extensive knowledge in construction and project management, he ensures that the building and expansion projects of BGA are completed on time and with the utmost quality.

Tina Truong

Ms. Tina is the Assistant Director at Blessed Generations Academy. She is currently completing her MBA at Trinity Western University and handles the administrative and management aspects of BGA. Marking sure things run smoothly and with excellence is Ms. Tina’s top priority. She hopes that our families only receive the best.

Best Child Care in Burnaby Award